Are Negative Vibrations Blocking
Your Twin Flame Connection?

Your karma and negative energy blocks could be the one thing holding you back - what if you  could put an end to separation and suffering for good, and move into union with your Twin Flame?

Making Your Way Back to Love

I know how overwhelming the Twin Flame connection can be -

When I first began this journey, I had no one to turn to for help and I spent years researching
and developing methods to deal with the many challenges that showed up along the way.

The most important thing for you to know as a Twin Flame is that you and your Twin are meant to be together - it's simply a question of clearing out any blocks to this happening.

Science testifies to the fact that everything in the universe is energy -

If you looked at yourself or your Twin Flame or any object in your home through a strong enough microscope, you would invariably see atomic particles vibrating at particular frequencies.

When you connect with your Twin, your energies are triggered to purge everything that has kept
you out of vibrational alignment with each other - so that you can come together as one again.

This means that any past heartbreak, fear, jealousy and shame will be brought up to be cleansed out for good.

The problem is that many Twin Flames don't realize what's going on and let these negative energies become stuck in an
endless loop instead of clearing them out - causing a vicious cycle of running, separation, heartbreak and pain over and over.

The good news is it doesn't have to be that way: The Twin Flames 11:11 Vibrational Alignment Program provides a concise roadmap to Twin Flame union,

 where I show you exactly how to identify your particular energy blocks and release them with ease, clearing negativity step by step to get you back into alignment with your Twin - so you don't have to spend years figuring it all out on your own the way I did.

The Vibrational Alignment Program comes in 11 full PDF classes with 6 Energy Clearing Audio tools and Deep Meditations - beautifully designed to take you through each step of your journey back to love with your Twin Flame in an easy to follow, concise format. Compatible with tablets, computers and all smart phones.

Attracting your Twin Flame

Vibrational Alignment and Creating New Blueprints For Love

Find out the Facts about the Twin Flame dynamic and learn how to get into a Vibrational Match to Attract Your Twin, even if you haven't met them yet. You'll learn how to read the true signs of a True Twin Flame Connection and how to Enlist Help from your Spirit Guides on your journey (because you have Free Will, they have to Wait for you to Ask)

Attracting your Twin Flame

Developing Communication

Telepathy and Intuition - How To Talk to Your Twin Flame Wherever They Are

Learn how to communicate Telepathically with your Twin Flame using Fun and Easy Tools - plus brand new scientific proof that Telepathy really works. We show you how to easily clear the negative energy that may have been blocking communication between you and your Twin. PLUS, have you wondered what it means to see 11:11 everywhere? Or specks of Light in your Field of Vision? Find out now.

Developing Communication

How to Reach a State of Harmony

Clearing the Baggage that Complicates Your Twin Flame Relationship

We take you through the truth of the Different Phases of the Twin Flame relationship and explain why Problems tend to crop up when you and your Twin Flame come together, PLUS how to remedy this for good. We map out an easy "Subconscious Blueprint Upgrade" to help you set your Autopilot to Love and Harmony, and we reveal the #1 Foolproof Tool to Lift your Mood No Matter What.

Reaching a State of Harmony

Communicating With Your Higher Self and Guides

Getting support and advice on your Twin Flame journey every day

Tap into Your own Eternal Wisdom and get to know Your Personal Team to get Help and Insight on Your Twin Flame Journey. PLUS, Learn How to Tell the Difference between Ego VS Genuine Guidance. Includes a Simple tool to instantly verify the identity of any being, and make them Tell you the Truth no matter what.

Receiving Guidance

The Twin Flame Mirror

How Will You Handle it? Coming Face to Face With the Best and Worst of Who You Are

Learn why the Twin Flames trigger such negative emotions in each other, and find out the #1 Core Wound responsible for Running and Separation. PLUS, we show you why Ancient History (literally) can become a hurdle to your Twin Flame union, teach you how to "tame and upgrade" your Ego and give you crucial "Rescue Remedies" for those moments when everything feels awful.

The Twin Flame Mirror

Twin Flame Sex Secrets and Revelations

What's Really Going on When You and Your Twin Get Together

The Truth about why sex with your Twin Flame is "Out Of This World" (literally) - and how to make it Even Better! Learn about the Transformational power of Twin Flame Sex, the Full-Body Climax, Engaging the Chakras for more Potent Lovemaking, Fully Harnessing the Power of your Combined Energies, PLUS methods for Remote Romantic Interaction. We even share how to experience Kundalini Rising without being intimate!

The Twin Flame Sex

The Runner/Chaser Paradox

Is it Holding You Back? is it Even Real?

We sort Facts from Fiction about this much-discussed part of the Twin Flame Relationship, and give you the low-down on Why Some Twins "Run". If you and your Twin Flame are estranged, we show you how to Re-Open the Channels of Communication and Clear Away what has created Static and Hurt between you. PLUS, we share our 'Emotional Spring Clean' tools for Flushing Away the Limiting Beliefs that Create Turmoil by Default.

The Runner/Chaser Paradox

Past Life Complications and Blessings

The Akashic Records And Clearing A New Path For Love

What role does Karma play in your life and on your Twin Flame journey? Discover what Karma you're Carrying. PLUS, we share Easy Tools to Discover your Past Lives and Clear Away old hurts, Attachments to past lovers, Negative Contracts and other snags that could be blocking your happy relationship with your Twin Flame now.

Past Life Complications

Guidance and Solutions

Advice and Solutions to Common Problems on the Twin Flame journey

Including: I haven't Found My Twin yet, My Twin is Married to someone else, My Twin is on the other side, My Twin doesn't want to be with me, My Twin and I live apart, PLUS many more insights...

My Twin Flame Doesn't Want To Be With Me

Your Twin Flame Mission

What Does the Future Hold For You?

Find out the True Purpose and Background of the Twin Flame relationship and how to get the Universe to Support you on your way back to your Twin. We go in-depth about the Twin Flame Union, the Sacred Alchemical Marriage - find out how to know when you're ready. PLUS, we give you Fun, Hands-on Tools to Explore where Your Personal Life Journey is headed.

Your Twin Flame Mission

11:11 How My Twin Flame Found Me After Centuries Apart

Traversing Life and Death to be Together.

One night in April two years ago I had the strangest dream of my life - I was in a warmly lit house, walking into a room with the fireplace burning. The next thing I knew I was in the arms of a stranger whom it felt like I'd known forever. He held me close and told me he loved me, and it felt as if everything was finally OK and nothing would hurt ever again. It felt like home. He whispered in my ear: "I want us to be buried together." Only later did I realize this was my first encounter with the other side...

11:11 Our Story


  1. Akashic Records Clearing / Update Tool (Clearing Past Life Blocks
    and Receiving New Positive Energy for your Path)
  2. The Twin Flame Meditation Tool (Strengthen Your Soul Connection with your Twin Flame)
  3. Running Energy Tool for daily well-being and preventing negative influence
  4. The Vibrational Alignment Tool (increase harmony and attraction
    with your Twin)
  5. Source Energy Tool (Connecting Directly to your power as an infinite being)
  6. Creative Visualization Tool For Twin Flames (create and attract your Ideal Twin Flame Relationship)
  7. Twin Flame Affirmations Audio : Reprogramming Your Deeper Mind

Audio Tracks And Energy Tools

The Vibrational Alignment Program

(10 full modules + 7 powerful audio tools)



Why has Cassady created The Vibrational Alignment home training program?

"I have been asked by spirit to share my experience and knowledge to help other Twins get through Awakening and Ascension with ease. When I first started connecting with my Twin Flame I was overwhelmed and had no one to turn to - this concise, structured program has been created with everything you need on your journey so you won't have to go through the same struggle. I would be honored if you would allow us to help you on your journey back to your Twin Flame in love."

Hans King

internationally acclaimed psychic medium and spiritual teacher for over 50+ years.

I don't say this about too many people -  Cassady is an old soul born with strong gifts of the spirit, a natural born intuitive healer, multitalented when it comes to working in the spirit realm.

Rita Orta

Phoenix, Arizona

For anyone who has ever wondered about the Twin Flame phenomenon, this is an amazing course! I absolutely loved every part of it. It is written very clearly and down-to-earth, and Cassady has a gift for keeping her readers spellbound. The exercises are fun and easy and enormously helpful. It also answered any Twin Flame question I could possibly think of. A truly eye opening course!

Amber Ravenredwoman

Psychic medium

At the core of Cassady and her Twin Flame's relationship lies a purpose to forever end the sense of duality and be living examples to show this world what it has forgotten, the truest essence of love. Bless you on your journey!

Total Vibrational Alignment Program Value Breakdown:

I want to help as many Twin Flames as possible on their journey, and for your convenience, I’ve attached a rundown of the value of the course using modest price levels.

Have a look at most energy healers’ sites and you’ll see that my prices are actually incredibly low compared to what most other people charge - most healers will charge you around $200 for a single session of clearing your Akashic Records, for example, which I’ve included a tool for you to do any time anywhere you choose, as many times as you want.

I’ve been through Twin Flame Ascension myself and know what a challenge it can be. So my focus is on helping as many Twins as possible with the tools I know work, to give you tools you can use to empower yourself and start to shift your journey into a place of joy and happiness, without having to rely on other people all the time.

Program Value Breakdown:

11 PDF Classes at $39 each = $429

7 Audio Clearing Energy Tools at $37 each = $259

Total value = $688

The Vibrational Alignment Program

(10 full modules + 7 powerful audio tools)



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