Twin Flame Oneness Code Activation - Union


A 57 Minute Transmission with your counterpart’s Higher Self… To step out of 3D separation paradigms, and into the unity of the higher consciousness realms where you originate from as a pair… bringing the journey into a new and higher chapter for all. To unleash Twin Flame Union, Hieros Gamos - oneness of soul, mind and heart.

- Cleansing Human Karmic Programs that Create Conflict and Opposition - Clearing imprints of “False Karma” from the Human collective (typical expressions of this karmic content which isn’t truly yours, is male/female conflict, infidelity patterns, relationship drama, abandonment issues…The historical human love “baggage” Twins unwittingly absorb and act out in their connection)

- Transformation from Duality into Unity

- Clearing Negative Soul Contracts and Attachments

- Unifying Masculine and Feminine principles - down into the cellular level

- Receiving the Etheric map back to physical harmony - activating Energetic Leylines and Pathways of Unity In your systems and paths

- Sacred Twin Flame Union Ceremony - receiving the blessings and support of the entire universe<

- Soul Merge, Hieros Gamos

- Shielding and Protection for your onward journey together

- Strengthens The Physical World Connection - where even if you’re not in a relationship together you’ll notice being “closer”, receiving signs of their name, bumping into each other by accident more, having them reach out to you… in other words physical manifestations of your increasing closeness and unity…in essence, it Unleashes A New and Higher Chapter Together for you as a team, as a unit, in oneness.

What Do Other Twin Flames Say?

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I’ve been waiting spirit to bring forth a new session for the Twin collective for a while… and yet again the message was crystal clear about what was wanting and needing to come forth! A resource to prepare and enter into Sacred Twin Flame Union.

Because aside from being a beautiful and beneficial process, to join together in the souls’ union as a pair, spirit shows us that for most Twins it’s ESSENTIAL right now!

Have You Pushed Blocks Into Your Connection?

Because many Twin Flames’ journeys have become derailed due to 3D programming and fear based encoding which has created a push AWAY from togetherness in the physical - dividing their timelines, systems and bringing them FURTHER away from unity.

So have you maybe pushed your Twin away in moments of hurt and anger, like so many? Things like saying or thinking or “vowing” “I never want to see you again”, “he hurt me so much I can never get over it”, “I will never trust you again” and such…

Many Twins have unwittingly pushed distance into the connection this way.

And although you may not realize it, this creates soul contracts, blocks and karmic cycles pushing you AWAY from unity you deep down want and deserve.

In this session we clear all of this, and go through a powerful transmission of codes and the sacred ceremony of souls - Hieros Gamos.

Your souls have been calling out for Union, but there is a process that must happen before both parties can enter into union as souls. That’s what we take you through in this immersive, guided session.

What Will This Do To A “Runner” Twin?

Do know that Twin Flame Union CAN happen even if you are not together physically. And this will powerfully affect your counterpart, as you are one original consciousness divided.

Even if they don’t know on the human level what is happening in the clearing, there will be deep shifts on their side after this. And the transmissions we bring forth enable their higher self to begin supporting you more tangibly on their part too.

Spirit’s message is that entering into Twin Flame Union will give you the inner peace your soul is longing for. This is why you may have not been able to “let go” of your Twin Flame even if you were with another - because your souls will not rest until you are reunited in union on the spiritual planes and beyond.

After uniting on the soul planes you will feel a sense of peace and wholeness within. A state of oneness… which attracts outer wholeness.

It doesn’t matter if you have had conflict and negativity before - this session takes you step by step through preparing you for and entering into the full and complete and final Twin Flame Union.

What your souls truly have come here for.


PS: Many Twins ask me “How does energy clearing work for my Twin? Can I clear for both of us?” The answer is: Yes, you can! You and your Twin Flame share a collective energy field - because you are two aspects of the same original consciousness. Everything you do, think and feel impacts each other and is tangled up with one another energetically. Put simply: When you clear and uplift your energy, it changes the whole dynamic between you. It both clears your collective field and resolves conflict. It’s like a rope that’s been stretched tense between two people. When one person lets go, there’s no tension anymore. The dynamic has changed and the negativity is released.

Twin Flame Oneness Code Activation - Union


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