Meet the Twin Flames 11:11 team!

A behind the scenes look at all the amazing people who make Twin Flames 11:11 run on a daily basis! I am so grateful for all the talented people who are now a member of the team, as the site has grown to over a million yearly visitors since the beginning!

Client Happiness Support

Say hello to the beautiful souls who work to support you any time you have questions about a session, tech issues or need help with something on the site!




Social Media Management

If you’ve been on the Twin Flames 11:11 social pages, you’ve experienced these talented girls in action! Working to keep the social pages running smoothly and posting Cassady’s writings and creations, this “social gang” make sure you get valuable help and inspiration on Facebook or Instagram, just like on the blog itself.




Server Admin / Web Development

Making sure the website runs smoothly, your membership flows and works well, and that everything you need is protected and at your fingertips, our amazing developers and tech staff are the invisible backbone of Twin Flames 11:11 and we are so grateful for them!



App Development

Our exceptional team of developers and tech experts serve as the invisible backbone for the Twin Flames 11:11 App and other new upcoming projects. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for innovation, they ensure that every IOS app we design runs seamlessly, delivering an extraordinary user experience



Founder, creator, Twin Flame coach/quantum energy healer

Cassady Cayne

As a spiritual intuitive Twin Flame coach and quantum energy healer, I founded Twin Flames 11:11 in 2014, pioneering energy healing and chakra work for the Twin Flame connection after uniting with my own counterpart.

As a leading teacher with over a million yearly readers of my blog, I have been described as a “Twin Flame alchemist” and have helped tens of thousands of Twin Flames experience positive shifts and breakthroughs on their journey with my healing sessions, coaching programs and free downloads.

My teachings are all about empowering Twin Flames to take charge of their journey, heal blocks and lift into a state of harmony - tapping into and activating the core soul truth of the connection, which is unconditional love.

Working with channeled info and high dimensional energy technologies, my clients tend to experience sudden overnight breakthroughs - including surprise reunions and runner Twins returning.

Above all, I’m deeply passionate about helping Twin Flames step out of the struggle and drama, and experience the unity their souls are capable of.

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