Twin Flame Energy Forecast Nov 6th–12th: “The Queen”

11:11 Gateway Opens And Venus Returns To The Sign Of Love, Bringing Improvements To The Twin Flame Connection. Plus, Mercury Enters Sagittarius, And Continued Stellium Impacting The Masculine. Can You Feel This?


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Positive shifts for the Feminine Twin as Venus returns to her home sign Libra, after a tense period in Virgo. Plus, powerful stellium continues and Mercury enters Sagittarius, opening to positive communication – busy time with lots of social interactions ahead…

Plus, 11/11 Gateway Brings Massive Cosmic Support For Divine Union!

But, There Is A Lesson Involved On Both Sides Of The Twin Flame Bond.

Discover more below…

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