Twin Flame Energy Forecast May 20th–26th: “The Birth Of A New World”

Releasing Past Let-Downs And Lower Goals, To Make Way For A New Reality Where Love Reigns Divine. Full Moon In Sagittarius, Plus Venus And Jupiter Enter Gemini, Supported By Neptune. An Epic Week Of Shifts Ahead…!


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Gemini Season Starts With A Bang, Bringing Massive New Momentum In The Twin Flame Connection And Your Soul Path! Plus, Love Goes Wild With Uranus’ Influence – Time To Shake Things Up, And Allow Your Soul Expression To Turn Up…

A Week With Positive Potential, But You’ll Need To Be Extra Careful That You Don’t Use This Power In The Wrong Way…

How will this week impact YOUR Twin Flame connection? Discover more below! 

Super-Powered Gemini Season!

It’s an exceptionally busy week in the cosmic energies! First off, Gemini season starts with a bang, and huge amounts of power, as both Sun, Venus and Jupiter enter the sign of the Twins this week.

And, we have a powerful Full Moon in Sagittarius, which is set to bring issues around old plans, hopes and ideals to a head. It can get intense, and the most important thing now is to make sure you master your mind and yourself.

Otherwise, the fizzy, busy energy of Gemini can spin you into overdrive, confusion and running in circles mentally without ever getting anywhere…

A Tip From Guidance

Spirit’s advice is, make sure you know what your long term goals are, and check in with yourself from time to time:

“Is this leading in the direction of my dreams and goals? Or is it leading away from them? Even, is this a distraction that won’t matter much in the long run?”

Then navigate accordingly. At its best, this week can powerfully boost your progress forward, and at its worst, it can be stressful with no real benefit, so this will help you stay aware.

Twin Flame Hazard

A key issue for Twin Flames now, is to make sure your mind isn’t creating or looking for problems that may not be there, or aren’t that serious.

Don’t ruminate over things or let your thoughts run riot with you, as this is one of the key issues with Gemini energies.

Remember, worry doesn’t fix anything. Don’t torture yourself by going over things in your mind, if there is no benefit to that. Focus on actually resolving issues rather than internally re-living them over and over – journalling is a great way to make sure you don’t end up running in circles mentally.

Disruption – But Good?

With Venus, the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus in a conjunction this week, we have a LOT of change and expansion! Ultimately, it’s good, but it will likely get disruptive.

In other words, positive developments can show up in a chaotic way… Or you may be thrown curve-balls on your journey, which are stressful in the moment but ultimately lead to unity, love and other blessings in your life.

Or, spirit shows us, you may receive a positive development you’ve been praying for, but due to circumstances it’s happening at a time when you’re unprepared or preoccupied with other responsibilities…

Therefore it becomes disruptive, even though it’s what you ultimately wanted!

Staying Centered

Taking things a bit slower to make sure you’re clear on consequences, take time to meditate and journal, clear your energy and make an effort to stay calm and centered, will be very helpful.

It will be very tempting to launch headfirst into things, but make sure you don’t do so from an ego point of view or old patterns.

Let your intuition and higher self guide you in this. That’s why it’s so key to go within, as otherwise your true guidance can get lost among the buzzy busy-ness and static of Gemini’s intense energies.

A New 12 Year Cycle!

Jupiter entering Gemini for the first time in 12 years is huge. It heralds a period of expansion and growth in communication and intellectual pursuits.

If things have been slow, communication wise, in your Twin Flame bond, expect your situation to open up more.

This transit opens to more growth, learning, and communication. As a Twin Flame, it’s is a powerful time to expand your understanding of your relationship and the universe.

New ideas and insights will flow more easily, helping to deepen your connection and enhance your mutual growth.

Your Vision Is Your Power!

Jupiter in Gemini trine Neptune is all about mental and spiritual creation. Conceiving of ideas that ultimately heal and change the world. Divinely inspired solutions and forward momentum.

For the next year, mental pursuits are highly activated, and your imagination is much more powerful than you may realize! Initially, Jupiter sextiles Neptune as he enters Gemini. For this next month you are extra divinely inspired!

Be aware of your thoughts and ideas that show up, and make sure you are aware of your intentions and big goals both as a Twin Flame and for your soul passions. This will help you get powerful positive results over the coming months.

Busy Period In Love!

Venus conjunct Uranus, then entering Gemini, means it will be a period with busy communication and forward momentum in love.

It’s a good indication that you’ll receive more contact from your counterpart, or your interactions will flow more easily.

Venus in Gemini is flirty, fun and social, and for Twin Flames it’s all about tolerating differences and seeing the harmony in “opposing forces”. Duality is not “bad”. There is a balance to everything. And everything is interconnected.

Twin Flame Mirror “Speaks”

For you and your Twin, it means that you’re likely to notice things in the mirror of your connection now, that are deeply helpful for your journey forward.

Look for what they are showing to you, or what traits they may be displaying, which you may benefit from nurturing in yourself.

Or, if you notice something like sadness due to self criticism in them, make sure you address this in yourself. This month more than at any time, be aware of the Twin Flame mirror and what it’s showing you.

(A key resource to make the most of this time, is the Crystalline Twin Flame Mirror Healing. If you don’t already have it, you can find this session here)


The New World

On a collective scale, these transits show that we are divinely receiving the mental blueprints of a “new world” of love and unity. The higher reality of oneness. First, via our minds and imagination and focus. Then, into the physical.

What’s important now is to release old lower beliefs, creations and goals, to reach higher.

Aim higher than you feel is even possible, because you will MAKE it possible along the way. We are visioning a new world into being. Don’t settle for less!

Freedom In Love

This week’s buzzy energies will definitely bring fresh opportunities and heightened energies for Twin Flames, as well as an element of surprise and excitement in love and relationships.

Venus conjunct Uranus is about opening to the untraditional and unorthodox in love, including how YOU show up in relationships.

Give yourself the freedom to express your authentic self in new ways and break free from old patterns, especially any that have made you hold back and hide yourself or play life according to other people’s rules.

Allow yourself and your relationship to change and evolve.

(More on that in this article)


Starseeds, Telepathy?

It’s likely that you notice your higher self/spiritual presence more palpably now, and if you know you and your Twin are starseeds, this side of you both is set to express more strongly.

In some way, love is evolving higher, and it’s a time of breaking free from traditional constraints and embracing unconventional forms of love and connection.

For Twin Flames, this could mean interacting with your counterpart on the soul planes, or telepathy becoming “normal” between you in a day to day physical world setting. The supernatural aspects of the connection are being activated on a higher level, so pay attention!

Disruptive Full Moon 

In the middle of all this inspiration, we have a powerful Full Moon in Sagittarius opposing Venus, the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus.

In short, this Full Moon seeks to illuminate your dream, and will show up anything in the way of it happening.

Any old negative material is now being purged, so you can truly reach higher into your divine potential – and be a part of the WORLD evolving higher.

(For help to clear any old negativity that’s been blocking your connection, go here)

Do You Think This?

Likely, you’ll notice things like feeling “nothing ever works out for me”, “life is hard and dreams don’t happen” or “it’s not realistic to think XYZ will happen”…

It can be subtle and unconscious, but in some way you are being shown the negative beliefs that have been blocking your ideal from arriving.

Make sure you don’t just take it at face value. The negative thoughts and emotions now are toxins you are being asked to clear so you can reach higher.

As a Twin Flame, it’s nearly guaranteed that these will revolve around love and the soul love connection.

A Thought Carousel?

Long-term, this process is meant to be a cosmic gift, but it can be challenging in the moment.

Especially as the Gemini energies can boost your mental activity to the point where these limiting thoughts run riot and you feel like you can’t control them. Clearing them at the root is the key!

Have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames, for more on karma clearing and eradicating deep energy blocks.


(More Twin Flame testimonials here)

About The Masculine Twin!

Also this week, Mars in Aries conjuncts the North Node.

It signals action around soul purpose, and you likely notice the urge to move forward strongly.

Mars in Aries is powerful, and infuse your Twin Flame journey with passion, courage, and assertiveness – and, a fated element to interactions with the Masculine Twin.

Use this fiery energy to take bold steps towards your goals and to stand up for your desires, and be aware that sexuality is a key aspect of bonding in this period (for the next few weeks in particular).

The Key To This Powerful Week

This powerful period is a time to pursue your goals and dreams with determination, and to act with confidence on guided steps – especially in your Twin Flame connection and with soul projects.

While multiple Gemini transits and Neptune bring divine inspiration and beneficial ideas, meetings and connections, Mars in Aries provides the energy and drive needed to take decisive actions and make things happen in the physical world.

It’s the perfect storm…!

IF you can master yourself.

The key? Don’t let your thoughts and emotions run riot.

Stay focused on your highest goals and make the effort needed to be centered, calm and aware.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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