Twin Flame Energy Forecast March 18th – 23rd “Passion Awakens!”

A New Cosmic Year: Equinox Gateway Opens, Major Timeline Shifts… Plus, Eclipse Season Coming Up – Intensity Brewing. Are You Ready For This Much Change In Your Situation?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Equinox gateway opens, and Aries Season begins with Neptune’s immense light code influx triggering awakening on a deeper level… But uncertainty reigns, as illusions tumble and major collective timelines work to shift us higher.

And, adding to the intensity, Eclipse season begins activating. Plus, “shadow feminine” elements seek to challenge commitment and long-term togetherness in the Twin Flame connection.

How will this heightened week impact YOUR Twin Flame situation?

Discover more below!

A Year Of Breakthroughs?

Before we start, just a courtesy reminder that the Twin Flame gold coaching is about to start on March 20th.

This year, I will only be taking 4 groups through the quantum healing and advanced Twin Flame training process. 

So, if you’ve been wanting a major breakthrough in your situation, now is the time! 

This time, I’ve added an extra Q&A with me (psychic insights, guidance and on the spot healing to create quantum shifts in your situation), which you get at no extra cost. >>To join before enrollment closes, go here. 

(Tuition payment plans available.)

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