Twin Flame Energy Forecast December 11th–17th: “Getting Complicated”

Mercury Retrograde Throws Trouble In The Way Of New Beginnings – Hot On The Heels Of The Optimistic New Moon. Why? You’ve Not Been Listening To Your Soul’s Guidance, So The Path Ahead Needs Adjusting And Clarification…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Powerful Sagittarius New Moon on 12/12 gets disrupted by Mercury Retrograde the very same day… (Bringing an important message from the Universe about the path forward!)

Plus, Venus continues her journey through Scorpio, lighting up passion and transformation in the Twin Flame connection.

Are you ready to embrace your soul gifts and the purpose you were BORN for, to activate magnetism and live your highest journey?

The planets are working to help you, but it may not happen quite the way you THINK it will…

Discover more below! 

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