Twin Flame Star Activation Ceremony


CHANNELED ENERGY JOURNEY AND HEALING CEREMONY - Can Be Used Daily But Is Extra Heightened For Gateway Times Including 8/8, Eclipses, Solstices, Equinoxes, New Moons, 11/11 And Other Powerful Cosmic Dates.


* Code activation of
latent templates and star gifts for you and your Twin

* Downloading and installing the
fully balanced physical Masculine/Feminine union template and star templates

Dropping out ancestral/karmic/lower societal timelines/foundations and bringing in a higher grid foundation

* Experience a
profoundly healing astral ceremony of wholeness from Ancient Egypt

Re-connect with your highest soul self (and your Twin's!), bring templates and codings of unity and latent gifts to the surface.

* Bringing online your
etheric wings as a pair

Activating fire letters, etheric encodings of your original promise to one another, your pre life plan

Enter the portal to the higher planes and absorb nourishment, strength, gifts, links, connections and what you personally need for the forward path

Bringing online the crystalline reality for you as a pair

What Do Other Twin Flames Say?

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This spring, I began receiving visions of Ancient Egypt and its deities, which happens regularly but this time they had a very specific message.

I was asked to create a session, with the templates and gifts of the ancients - in particular Sekhmet the lion goddess, for the Sirian gateway which has been celebrated since ancient times.

Above all to guide Twin Flames to using this heightened time of bridging between the dimensions to link up to more of their soul gifts and templates.

To clear out distortions and "darkness" that keeps many Twins from coming together. And to activate ancient templates of masculine/feminine unity in the 3D physical.

So I am excited to be sharing this session with you today, where we take you through deep energetic recalibrations and shifts to enable you to run the energies of 3D unity, and to reconnect with the pure higher starlight you come from, as a pair.

This session is designed for potent use as a ceremony to tap into gateway energies and shifts:

Winter and Summer Solstices,

Spring and Fall Equinoxes

Powerful Conjunctions And Eclipses
The Sirian gateway, 8/8, 11/11, 12/12

and other star dates

You can also use it to benefit during other times of the year. A powerful transmission to anchor in higher timelines, drop out shadows and install deep Twin Flame unity templates to tangibly affect the physical.

This is a powerful session, so make sure you drink lots of water afterwards. I am honored to bring you this offering for the 8/8 gateway and cannot wait to hear about your experiences with it.

Twin Flame Star Activation Ceremony


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