Twin Flame Affirmations Audio : Reprogramming Your Deeper Mind (With Uplifting Music)


* Script by Cassady. Performed by a talented American voice artist

Positive New Programming

You might already be familiar with Affirmations as a tool for spiritual growth, from Yoga culture and new age self help traditions. But did you know it’s not just about hoping and wishing? Affirmations are actually proven to work!

Research released last year from Harvard University has scientifically proven that over time, affirmations physically re-shape the neural pathways for increased happiness and positivity.

In energy terms this means it helps permanently uplift our vibration. This is amazing news!

For Twin Flames, positive affirmations can be transformative on the journey. So I’ve had a special affirmations audio created for you, *performed by a talented American voice artist* and specifically using mood boosting, upbeat music to mirror the heartbeat during times of happy excitement…

Why Your Words and Secret Thoughts Matter … More Than You Might Have Realized

Remember that everything we say and think is in essence an affirmation - our system is always “listening” for instructions.

If we say or keep thinking things like “affirmations don’t work for me,” or “my Twin Flame always runs” or “things never change” those are actually affirmations, that draws more of those very things to us. So keep things positive by affirming what you desire…

This is why spirit suggested I create these Affirmations Audios - to help you make positivity a deeply engrained habit, to consistently align your mind and emotions with positivity and inviting in love and harmony.

The Affirmations Audio powerfully “re-wire” unconscious habits of mind - helping you to uplift into positivity over time, streamlining and uplifting your manifestations and timelines.

Using this track regularly will help you maintain a high vibration and an elevated state of being, restoring and maintaining harmony between you and your twin soul.

This product includes two different affirmation audios with two different, uplifting music tracks. Each audio contains over two dozen different positive affirmations to powerfully reprogram your habitual thoughts and moods.

One audio focuses on self love, love and relationships, while the other is specific for the Twin Flame connection. Both are simple, effective methods for uplifting and boosting your love connection.

These audios are intended for regular use for best results - key uses would be during your commute, while driving, while at the gym, while showering, in the background while working...

The key is that over time, your habitual *unconscious* thoughts, feelings and energy will be aligned more and more with love and harmony.

This is a powerful script performed by a very talented voice artist

Cassady x


"This is just magical and I'm moved to tears...This huge block between us just dissolved in a snap and we are now closer than ever before ! It's like a miracle just happened before my very eyes.All this came from your work, and the techniques you share. She and I are doing the Work, of course, but it would be so much more difficult and long without you. The only way is UP...So thank you, thank you, thank you..with positivity and abundance in all ways."

- Laurent C. Paris, France

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart - it was AMAZING!!! Truly life changing"

- Monika S, California, USA

"Cassady thank you so much for sharing your gifts with the collective. I was directed to them in January and things felt so hopeless then. Today I feel born anew several times over. There is an inner joy I feel, and a connection with my twin that is beyond the attachment, need and longing of 3D. I am so grateful to have had your tools and vibrational alignment program to aide me on my ongoing journey."

- Tim F, Florida USA

"All of these resonated strongly with me...but he awakened me through the connection tool first, then other tools you've provided...we have more met physically yet our telepathic skills are off the charts. We interact remotely daily. Its amazing. "

- Collene G, California USA

Twin Flame Affirmations Audio : Reprogramming Your Deeper Mind (With Uplifting Music)


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