New Beginnings Ritual


A 90 minute interactive video workshop to unleash your highest next chapter,

In the New Beginnings Ritual you and I will go through and take stock of the past year…

We will identify where any lower cycles stemmed from, and clear them once and for all…

We will gain clarity on what you wish to experience and shift for the coming 12 months…

And we go through a powerful manifestation exercise to fuel that energy into your future, so your 2023 is the most magical, love packed and high vibrational it can be!

Let’s pave out your best path, and clear out holdbacks and limits once and for all!

 Zap any negative cycles that have kept you stuck, cut cords to past heaviness and frustration. and activate a higher new beginning, with me as your guide!

We are here meant to evolve and reach higher, but often we get stuck on repeat! We go through a recurring cycle of living pretty much the same year over and over… the same kinds of issues, the same kinds of frustrations.

We hit up against our own “glass ceiling”.

Maybe you feel like “enough already!”, and you want to break through and experience something higher. Or maybe you’ve noticed that you’re a space of diminishing returns – more and more effort for the same (or less “payoff”) and good.

Maybe you just KNOW that something NEEDS to change! 

Here’s the thing: it’s all energy… Those frustrations, limits and lesser cycles are just signalling to you that your energy is stuck on some level.

This means we can clear it and shift into a higher state!

You’ll feel so light and full of new potential after this. Can’t wait to get started!

New Beginnings Ritual


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