The Chiron Code



Discover your Chiron Code, the cosmic paradox which will unveil your secret healing power 

Chiron is one of the most powerful yet little-known cosmic influences on our path of awakening... 

Known as the "wounded healer", Chiron's wisdom has been strongly protected since ancient times. 

Understanding this activating power can reveal the exact points of our life path, that are meant to open to a higher purpose...

If you have had a challenging path, this is the missing cosmic link for you! 


Your Healing Purpose, Revealed 

Did you know you most definitely have a healing purpose for this lifetime? 

It's specifically pre planned and mapped into your chart...

Therefore, we can pinpoint the exact area and theme you are meant to be working with, to unlock more fulfillment, joy and love - once we understand how! 

Over the years, understanding my own and my Twin's Chiron codes has been both fascinating, and incredibly helpful! 

When we understand and open to our Chiron codes, we tap into not only more of our own light, but greater positive impact in the world.🪽

The challenge is, Chiron's gift paradoxically comes through our deepest pain and wounding. 

But it may have been hidden from you, so far...

Most people are completely unaware of the gifts hiding in their "divine pain" - the *transformation* into healing, which Chiron is wanting to give. 


The Cosmic Process Of Greater Awakening 

But now, as Chiron is strongly working to awaken more and more of us to the healing purpose of past pain over these coming years...

I was guided to create a guide, to pinpoint and understand your Chiron placement and significance spiritually...

And, how it impacts your Twin Flame journey, as a pair! 

(Because it shows us exactly the pain-informed healing purpose you two share, and are meant to rise OUT of❤️)

Today, I invite you to reveal the divine purpose of your Chiron code, and begin to unlock the highest timeline and light forward for you and your twin soul. 

Once you do, there is no turning back!💫


I can't wait to hear what you get from this❤️

As always, I'm sending you love and light for your journey 💫

Cassady x 

The Chiron Code



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