Spirit Animal Session - Receive Guidance, Power And Support For Your Ascension Union Path


Transformational Shamanic Energy Journey with your Twin Flame Pair totem and your counterpart

You may know that I don't create consistent sessions for Twin Flames "just for the sake of it" - I wait until spirit gives me the nudge and am told, "this is what is needed, and here is the answer, please create this now".

So today I'm sharing with you a brand new shamanic journey of alchemy with the animal kingdom - your sacred Twin Flame PAIR totem...

(Yes, you read that right! Each Twin pair has not only an individual totem of animal guides, but a PAIR TOTEM working to help you on your journey to union...!)

After personally working with the spirit animals and experiencing their "medicine", their transformative power and their way of working, their intentions over the years...

I was shown to create a session to help every Twin Flame pair open to THEIR connection.

Expert Bridges Between The Soul Realms And The Physical

As guides to Twin Flame Union, your pair totem spirit animals are expert "bridges" between the soul realms and the physical.

They have known you all your life. They have been seeking to reconnect and help you more. Because they know what is truly possible for you.

They are there wanting to help with your Twin Flame connection - and they see the "behind the scenes" shifts and developments that need to happen to make it so...

To return you to a state of togetherness, harmony and unity.

Working with your Pair Totem in this way has the power to transform your path - bringing unexpected help and resources to reach Twin Flame union!

I can't wait to take this journey with you!

And as always, I'm sending you love and light < 3

Cassady x

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* Twin Flame Soul Retrieval For Deep Healing

* Returning you into Soul Magnetism as a pair: Re-opening the Heart Connection and Communication to increase Telepathy, Shared Dreams, promote physical togetherness and more...

* Opening and purifying the Third Eye and higher faculties to receive clear guidance and steps

* Activating your connection to the "Secret Helpers" of the natural kingdom

* Meeting your PAIR Totem Animals (there are 3 that are with you and your Twin for life) receiving guidance, insights, energy gifts from them.

* And, meeting and receiving wisdom and energy downloads from Temporary animal guides on what's happening in your life right now and how they can help.

* Receiving the next guided steps forward to Union

* And more...


PS: Many Twins ask me “How does energy clearing work for my Twin? Can I clear for both of us?” The answer is:

Yes, you can! You and your Twin Flame share a collective energy field - because you are two aspects of the same original consciousness.

Everything you do, think and feel impacts each other and is tangled up with one another energetically.

Put simply: When you clear and uplift your energy, it changes the whole dynamic between you. It both clears your collective field and resolves conflict. It’s like a rope that’s been stretched tense between two people. When one person lets go, there’s no tension anymore. The dynamic has changed and the negativity is released

Spirit Animal Session - Union Path, Alchemy


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