Twin Flames Affirmations Audio : Reprogramming Your Deeper Mind (With uplifting music)


* Recording of a Live Intensive Energy Clearing Session with Q & A (Live webinar audio quality)

 After this audio session you'll be able to feel huge shifts in your energy and in your Twin Flame connection: When we blast through energy like this we can shift a massive amount of negativity out for good, clearing anything that's been blocking your personal Twin Flame connection.

In this session we take on and clear out deep-seated karmic issues, genetic limitations, negative energy and damaging beliefs from society - eradicating the basis of running, separation and heartbreak for good - so we can smash through anything holding you back from unity with your Twin Flame.

You will receive the same strong clearings from participating in the replay as in the live session, so just listen and work along with the statements to get instant results! Time and space don't exist in energy terms, so the replay is just as powerful as the live session when we all come together like this.

Remember to stay on till the end, as there's a Q&A with lots of interesting questions from Twin Flames all over the world, along with my answers and insight.

Enjoy! As always I'm sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x


"I decided to listen to one of your energy clearings while on one of my flights this week, and something amazing happened-- I actually felt and saw my twin's higher self kiss me! I had my eyes closed, and as we were going through the clearing part of karma, I saw a face emerge from a black and blue background, covered in white-beaming stars... This has not ever happened to me before! I immediately knew and felt that it was my beloved, and the positivity that flooded my entire being was amazing. Thank you so much, dear Cassady!!! "
-Karina, San Francisco, USA

"Thank you very very much, I now feel after the call so light, excited, happy and tingly! It's amazing how I feel a huge shift of energy!"
- Tracy M., New Zealand

"My Twin ran away a couple months ago. About an hour after the session, he called me. We spoke for a long time and a huge weight was lifted. He will be back!!!! We created a plan on how to proceed further and things feel like they are going back into balance. It's only been a few hours since the work you did. Thank you, thank you!!! "
- Laila N., CA, USA

"Every time i use your Energy Clearing and Breakthrough Kit, my Twin Flame gets in contact. I just wanted to say thank you! It really helps! I look forward to more clearings in the future,"
-Theresa M, North Carolina, USA

"It was such joy to be present during your clearing session. You are sparkling, inspiring, comforting and, most importantly, you really empower me (us) to start to take care of my own energy, my own life, and my relationship with my Twin Flame. I am also following your course at the moment, which helps me tremendously, but the clearing yesterday was really something special. I feel not only more happy and light, you also showed me that the path I am on can be fun, light, and that I do not have to work so 'hard' but rather experience it with joy. Thank you for your love, attention, lessons and time. I am so grateful. All the warmth and love"
-Elisabeth B., CA, USA

Twin Flames Affirmations Audio : Reprogramming Your Deeper Mind (With uplifting music)


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