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Inner Child Healing For Twin Flames 

Clear blocks between you and your Twin Flame by tapping into answers from your Twin’s inner child and healing your own inner wounds.


  • Key benefits:
  • Discover the true cause of any struggles you are experiencing with your Twin Flame
  • Clear hidden blocks between you and your Twin
  • Heal your inner child and your Twin’s
  • TRANSFORM your Twin Flame connection for the better
  • This is for you if...
  • You want to know why your Twin has been running or shutting you out - and resolve the root cause so the issue shifts for good
  • You feel confused and stuck in your Twin Flame relationship
  • You keep noticing the same patterns repeating and don’t know how to change things
  • You know or intuit that you (and/or) your Twin Flame have had childhood wounds and need to address those early-life patterns and hurts to heal
  • You want to go deeper into harmony and shared love in your connection, and fully open your hearts

What happens in the session?

During this focused healing, you will be guided into a deep state of alpha level meditation to connect with your inner child and then with your Twin Flame’s, before finally bringing the two together to heal the unconscious dynamic between you.

Dealing with issues on this level helps us bypass the ego’s resistance mechanisms and profoundly shifts the Twin dynamic for the better. There are a lot of unhappy adults out there whose inner child is holding the answers.


Will my Twin Flame be affected by this work?

Yes, absolutely! As “one soul divided”, you are on the same frequency and everything you do affects them!

When you work on your energy, heal, and shift into a higher state, it powerfully opens your connection and often spurs a separated Twin to get back in touch.

Emma ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My absolute favorite meditation of Cassady’s is the Inner Child meditation. It’s just so beautiful… I don’t think I could have survived my relationship without this. It’s been a key part of my spiritual journey.

  • INSTANT access audio session
  • Yours to keep FOREVER, use the session as many times as you'd like (no expiry date!)
  • POWERFUL quantum energy healing to open your Twin Flame bond into harmony and unity
  • Guided step by step by Cassady Cayne, trusted Twin Flame teacher and experienced healer
  • Tried and tested by THOUSANDS of Twin Flames
  • Simply relax and listen along to experience the benefits!

Inner Child Healing For Twin Flames