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Inner Child Healing For Twin Flames 


In this deep focus Inner Child Healing, we go into the unconscious and into childhood for answers. We heal wounds and clear blocks between you and your Twin Flame, and illuminate the true roots of any dissonance and struggle between you. 

We go into a deep state of meditation to take a journey of consciousness - first to your inner child, then to connect with your Twin Flame’s inner child aspect, before finally bringing the two together to illuminate and heal the inner, unconscious dynamic between you and eradicating any blocks between you.

Dealing with issues on this level helps us bypass the ego’s resistance mechanisms and profoundly shifts the Twin dynamic dramatically for the better. 

I’ve experienced first hand that inner child wounds can be big blocks on the Twin Flame journey – the child aspect of our consciousness is holding onto a lot of fears and damaging beliefs we’re unaware of as an adult. There are a lot of unhappy adults out there whose inner child is holding the answers. 


"Thanks Cassady, you get me through the day, sheds new perspective!!!! I'm grateful, you help turn the darkness into light!!!"
- Pat. Toronto, Canada

"I have been doing your mediations and clearings and I have seen a big improvement in my Twins behavior, he is more expressive and communicating and more happy.
Cici S, Florida, USA

"Thank you for your incredible guidance and tools to support the dynamic twin flame journey. Your work has been integral in creating balance and insight into my twin flame relationship. I am so grateful for your support where traditional relationship advice does not apply."
- Diane L. Arizona, USA

Inner Child Healing For Twin Flames