Higher Heart Transformation Journey



 - In this Transformational Journey we go into the unconscious and the garden of your heart, dig deep into what memories, beliefs, old wounds and blocks are hiding in your heart chakra and gently and painlessly cleanse wounds and fears away so we can pave the way for unconditional love to blossom.

- We also engage with your Twin's soul and guides to deal with anything that's blocking their side of the connection so the two of you can move into a higher state of unity and harmony. We also bring in high vibrational new energy to you and your Twin's hearts, solar plexus and the love bond between you, so you both can feel deeply safe to open up to love.

(Fear and love are on opposite sides of the energy spectrum, so to open up to love and reach unity it is essential to shift out fear based programming).

- We also go into why self love is so crucial on the Twin Flame journey - "As within so without". What you hold towards yourself is what you attract in your Twin Flame connection, and self love it is the key to manifesting unity with your Twin Soul. To assist with this, spirit helps us to actually download and embody the new 5D programming of self love. Not just as a mental concept, but as a way of living, an emotional state, an embodiment of complete self acceptance and wholeness within. The core key to unconditional love with your beloved Twin Flame.

- Plus, we establish the basis of a positive and stable forward journey and plant new seeds of positive manifestation for the future, enlisting help from your soul to bring forth blossoming flowers of love, joy, abundance and romance.

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The heart is the key to the eternal bond between Twin Flames, the nexus where the Twins are always connected, where your key templates of love and unity are located. Unfortunately,so many Twins hearts are shut down and wounded due to old hurts and negative experiences, which distorts and shuts off the natural connection of love.

Manifestation is a much discussed subject in spiritual circles. There is a lot of confusion around exactly how to go about creating and attracting your desires in a real life practical way. Few people have fully mastered the art of deliberate manifestation into the physical. Most people live with stress and struggle feeling powerless to prevent negative events from occurring in their lives. This is especially true on the Twin Flame journey, where many deal with stress and emotional turmoil from ups and downs, conflict and sudden changes in the connection. In this session I show you a fun and practical way to manifest positivity and love.

We also go through the key reasons why most people's manifestations do work out (Hint: it's not because they don't want it enough!) and how to avoid sabotaging your own dreams on their way to fruition.

 This really is the most *fun* energy clearing I've ever done or created, months in the making, and it's deeply powerful like a technicolor journey into the soul. After I did this clearing myself I had to nap for 20 minutes because the downloads of new high vibration programming was so powerful. This really shifts the whole foundation of how your heart chakra and Twin connection function, so you can live with an open heart, feeling whole inside and attracting wholeness with your Twin Flame on all levels.

At the end of this transformational energy journey, you will have made a huge shift in your energy and your Twin Flame connection, uplifting your timelines for the future and having planted happy seeds of manifestations growing ever more love and joy along your path.

I can't wait to go on this journey with you!

Cassady x

Higher Heart Transformation Journey


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