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Higher Dimensional Anchoring And Awakening

Cleanse your system and awaken your Twin Flame by anchoring into the crystalline unity grids.


  • Key benefits:
  • Dissolve ancestral trauma, societal fear programming, and early-life wounding
  • Activate and awaken your “Sleeper/Runner” Twin
  • Delete negative manifestations and align your path with love and unity
  • UPLEVEL your timelines to pave the way for Twin Flame Union
  • This is for you if...
  • Your Twin Flame is unawakened
  • Your Twin Flame keeps pulling away from you / is a runner
  • You are currently experiencing separation from your Twin
  • You want to deepen and harmonize your connection to a state of blissful love and unity

What happens in the session?

During this 50-minute energy transformation session, you will experience a deep cleanse of your full chakra system and aura. Then, you will be released from the lower dimensional grids of 2D-3D and anchored into a higher harmonious state of unity as a Twin Flame pair.

I was asked especially by spirit to create this energy session for triggering awakening to begin in so-called Unawakened or “Sleeper” Twins. In this immersive session, we gently rouse your Twin to full knowing by enlisting their soul to start activating their own system’s deep-seated light codes and begin to open them up from the inside out. This is in complete alignment with Free Will, as they themselves are the one triggering the awakening.


Will my Twin Flame be affected by this work?

Yes, absolutely! As “one soul divided”, you are on the same frequency and everything you do affects them!

When you work on your energy, heal, and shift into a higher state, it powerfully opens your connection and often spurs a separated Twin to get back in touch.

Dionne ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cassady, I'd just like to thank you for the work you do. You're the only source of information I found online that’s truly resonated with my soul and has made me feel like I'm on the right track with my twin flame. I think it speaks for itself that I've purchased all of your clearing sessions!

  • INSTANT access audio session
  • Yours to keep FOREVER, use the session as many times as you'd like (no expiry date!)
  • POWERFUL quantum energy healing to cleanse your chakras and trigger awakening in your Twin
  • Guided step by step by Cassady Cayne, trusted Twin Flame teacher and experienced healer
  • Tried and tested by THOUSANDS of Twin Flames
  • Simply relax and listen along to experience the benefits!

Higher Dimensional Anchoring And Awakening